Mastering Your Airbnb Inbox: Time-Saving Tips from a 10-Month Superhost

Feeling overwhelmed by guest questions? You're not alone. But what if you could answer them in seconds and wow your guests with seamless communication? Here are time-saving communication tips with examples.

Mastering Your Airbnb Inbox: Time-Saving Tips from a 10-Month Superhost
Free up your time and impress guests with Quick Replies

Hey there, fellow Airbnb hosts! It's your friendly neighborhood Superhost here, back for another round of hosting insights.

Ten months in, and I'm still learning tons—but guess what? I've also figured out some tricks to save precious time on communication.

Let's dive into the top time-savers that have made a big difference for me!

Quick Replies: Your Secret Weapon

Struggling to keep up with guest communication? Quick Replies are your secret weapon!

This built-in Airbnb feature lets you pre-write responses to common questions, saving you tons of time and ensuring consistent information for your guests.

Gone are the days of typing out the same answer repeatedly. These pre-written quick replies are a lifesaver!

Use "Quick Replies" on Airbnb Inbox to save time! Create, edit, or delete message templates for easy guest communication. You can edit before sending.

Here are the questions I get most often, along with my go-to responses:

1. Early Check-In? Keeping it Honest

  • My Response: "Thanks for reaching out! Since the previous guests haven't confirmed an early checkout, I can offer two options: 1. Leave your luggage at the condo while housekeeping refreshes the space. Free to explore without heavy bags! 2. Leave your bags with me – I live right across the building."

Guests usually appreciate the honesty. Most opt for the first option, and here's where I personalize the experience a bit: "Since I'm around, I can recommend some great places to eat! Here are a few delicious options (list 4 restaurants with brief descriptions). Let me know what you're craving!"

This breaks the ice and gives me a glimpse into their personalities.

2. Late Check-Out? Proactive Reminders

Don't wait for scrambling at checkout time! (Like what happened to me in this story.) Here's how I avoid that:

  • My Pre-Checkout Reminder: "Dear Guest, Hope you're having a fantastic stay! Just a friendly reminder of your checkout tomorrow at 12nn. Here's a quick checklist: 1. Double-check for any belongings left behind. 2. Conserve energy by turning off ACs and lights. 3. Text me before you leave so our housekeeper can start cleaning. Thank you! Enjoy the rest of your stay!"

Sending this reminder the night before keeps guests on track. But to be extra sure, I also send a quick message around 11:30am on the day of checkout: " Hi (guest's name), The cleaner is ready and waiting in the lobby if you need help with anything."

3. The WiFi Question: Answered Swiftly

This one's a frequent flyer! Having a saved response with your WiFi details is a total time-saver.

4. Pre-Arrival Welcome: Short & Sweet

While some hosts automate pre-arrival messages, I prefer a more personal touch. I have a pre-written response that I customize slightly for each guest, keeping it concise (around 100 words) knowing most people glaze over at text walls.

"Welcome to Issa Suites! Thanks for choosing us! Here's your essential info:

Address: Unit #, Tower #, Midpoint Residences, Ines Ouano Road, corner AS Fortuna, Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu

Check-In/Out: Anytime after 2pm. Visit Tower 1 lobby, greet the security guard, and show your valid IDs. Checkout is (checkout date), at 12:00 PM.

Unit Access: Lift the smart lock cover at unit #, enter the code [6-digit code] after the numbers light up.

WiFi: Network Name: "YouAreWesome" Password: "AwesomeStays"

House Guide: Find a printed copy inside the unit. Text me at (mobile number) or via Airbnb for any questions.

Enjoy your stay!"

5. Remarketing: Show Appreciation, Get Repeat Guests

This one's not a question, but something I'd like to include for illustration purposes. For amazing guests who leave the place spotless, I send a heartfelt thank you with a special discount offer for their next stay. A little appreciation goes a long way in building relationships and encouraging repeat business!

Here's an example:

"Wow, (guest's name), you left the place sparkling clean! It made our cleaner's day (and mine!). You're a true 5-star guest. We would love to welcome you back to Cebu anytime; we'll offer a special discount for your return!"

Bonus Tip: Track frequently asked questions. If a particular question comes up more than three times, it's time to create a new quick reply!

There you have it—my top tips for saving time on Airbnb communication. Remember to personalize where possible, and let these quick replies help you focus on what matters most—creating amazing guest experiences!

Share this post with anyone who might find it helpful, and stay tuned for more hosting insights coming soon. Until next time!

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