Top 10 Tips to Get Superhost Status on Airbnb in 3 Months (or Less!)

Here are 10 unique, effective ways to boost your Airbnb reviews and become a Superhost faster

Top 10 Tips to Get Superhost Status on Airbnb in 3 Months (or Less!)
You can become a superhost in 3 months or less if you follow these tips. 

Achieving Superhost status on Airbnb is a coveted milestone for hosts. Getting the badge enhances your credibility, attracts more guests, and persuades them to choose you over a listing that does not have the badge.

Superhosts are experienced, highly rated Hosts - the badge is a vote of confidence you need to get more bookings and earn more.

Becoming a Superhost comes with great benefits. Superhosts get noticed more, earn more money, and enjoy exclusive rewards for their exceptional hosting. This recognition attracts more guests, resulting in more bookings and income. Travelers trust and actively look for Superhosts using Airbnb's search tool. Additionally, Superhosts receive a $100 Airbnb coupon yearly and earn a bonus of 20% when they refer new hosts. 

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To attain and keep Superhost status, hosts need to meet specific requirements every three months:

  • maintain a rating of 4.8 or higher, 
  • complete at least 10 stays or 100 nights in 3 stays, 
  • have a cancellation rate below 1%, 
  • and respond to messages within 24 hours at a rate of 90%.

Here are ten surprising strategies to boost your review count and earn that Superhost badge faster:

  1. Limiting Trip Length: The requirements to becoming a Superhost are simple: keep your cancellation rate under 1%, maintain an average review score of at least 4.8, respond promptly within 24 hours, and complete 10 stays. To meet the last requirement more quickly, you can adjust your trip length. In the desktop version of your Airbnb Calendar, go to Availability and set the minimum stay to "1 day" and the maximum stay to "5 days". This way, you can reach the 10-stay goal faster.
  2. Personalized Welcome Notes: Leave handwritten welcome notes for your guests, making them feel appreciated and more likely to leave a positive review. I did it for my first few guests, and 90% of the time, the guests left notes for me. Guests who leave notes are likely to leave glowing reviews.
  3. Local Welcome Gifts: Offer a small local gift, like a map or a local treat, to make guests feel at home and inclined to reciprocate your hospitality with a review. Since I'm based in Cebu, I get locally made cookies and biscuits (e.g.,rosquillos) and put them in a welcome basket—for a touch of thoughtfulness with that local flair.
  4. Check-in Surprises: Delight your guests with a little unexpected treat at check-in, like a snack or a drink. I observed that some guests left beverages in the mini-fridge, so I put some soda and juices in there for them, especially if they were arriving late at night or early in the morning. If you can do it, it's always well-received and appreciated by guests.
  5. Include your review request in the checkout message, and write a guest review first. Request for feedback or review at the end of your check-out message. I tell my guests that I thought they were 5-star guests, which sets the tone and invites them to leave a positive review. I also take the initiative to write guest reviews as soon as I'm able to publish one. My guest reviews are like heartfelt recommendations and sincere endorsements for other hosts. They always focus on being thankful for how well they respected my space and wishing them a safe and pleasant journey.
  6. Prompt Communication: Respond swiftly to messages and inquiries, showing you are attentive and reliable. Use scheduled messages if you can't respond quickly to a confirmed reservation. I like to keep it short, less than 100 words, saying that I got their message and they can expect me to read it as soon as possible. 
  7. Charming Amenities: Provide special and enjoyable extras such as board games, a selfie camera stand, or games for couples to create memorable experiences for your guests. I also kept a ukulele in the unit, and one time, a guest asked if she could play it. It warmed my heart. Another unique thing about my place is that we stocked it with great books to suit different interests—yes, we even have manga!
  8. Local Tips: Share tailored suggestions for nearby attractions, dining, and activities to make your guests' stay memorable. I find this necessary because it can be frustrating when hosts don't offer guidance on where to eat or shop. Creating these recommendations is straightforward, even in a brief message. I once surprised a guest with a home massage service recommendation after he told me that he had to walk 10km because of traffic caused by a flood.
  9. Use the Discount Feature of Airbnb: New listings are encouraged by the platform to offer 20% off. On top of this, you can offer a 10% non-refundable option at checkout, which would look like an incredible deal for guests. Though your listing is new, it will be attractive because of the discounts. Just be sure to set your base price right, factoring in the discounts you plan to apply so you don't lose a lot of money. I aimed to break even in my first few weeks but exceeded this expectation. 
  10. Address guest's concerns quickly. A single pail and a water dipper turned a trickle shower into a positive review and a heartwarming note. I once hosted a couple who had trouble with our shower (it had calcium deposits that had to be dislodged). I showed the guests I cared by swiftly responding and resolving the issue they had. I wrote about the minimum viable product approach to starting an airbnb business and how continuous improvement is critical to making guests happy and attracting more bookings. So take every guest's feedback seriously and come up with solutions to the issues they raise as efficiently as you can. 

These strategies will help you secure Superhost status and increase bookings. Happy hosting!

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