Boost Your Bookings: 5 Proven Strategies to Fill Your Calendar

Is your calendar looking a little empty? Don't fret! Join me on a journey to boost your bookings and fill those gaps. From targeted Facebook Ads to simplified pricing, let's explore actionable tips together.

Boost Your Bookings: 5 Proven Strategies to Fill Your Calendar
Is your calendar looking a little empty? Read these actionable tips to boost your bookings and fill those gaps.

Hey, Airbnb hosts! Issa here, just checking in.

April wasn't the reservations bonanza I'd envisioned for Issa Suites. Even with our #1 spot in Mandaue City, bookings weren't overflowing. But fear not! Instead of a slow month, it became a chance to discover winning strategies for filling the calendar (check out Issa Suites' thriving calendar for proof!).

Feeling the Pinch? You're in Great Company

Here's a peek into my journey (and how it might help you!):

  • It's okay to breathe. Sometimes, acknowledging the situation and ditching the blame game is the first step forward.
  • Learning is continuous. Every host faces booking dips. The key is to learn from them and keep moving ahead!

Turning the Tide: Strategies for Success

Ready to see those calendars fill up again? Here are three powerful tips I used to boost bookings (and you can too!):

  • The Power of Promotion: Have you considered targeted Facebook Ads? They're fantastic for driving potential guests straight to your listing. You can create captivating video promotions for a small investment (think P350 for a 4-day promotion). People tend to linger longer on videos, so showcase your space and positive guest reviews in a 1-minute reel; it'll grab attention and encourage clicks!
For assistance with Facebook promotions, drop me a line at or stay tuned for in-depth guides on Facebook promotion strategies by subscribing to this blog!
  • Unlock Airbnb's Toolkit: Don't forget about Airbnb's built-in tools! Try the Custom Promotions feature to offer discounts for specific dates. A little incentive can go a long way! When I noticed certain dates weren't getting booked, I offered 10–20% discounts to attract guests.
Navigate to your calendar, click on 'Promotions,' and choose dates and discounts to apply. Before your listing is eligible for this custom promotion, it needs at least 3 bookings.
  • Simplify Your Pricing: You might already be tweaking rates in your calendar, but there's more to explore! Consider simplified pricing, similar to's approach, with a flat 15% commission. Many guests appreciate a clear, upfront price.
Guests prefer listings without hidden fees. With Simplified Pricing, a fixed 15% deduction simplifies earnings. Remember to include this 15% on top of your base price to ensure profitability.

Bonus Tips:

  • Incentivize Non-Refundable Bookings: Last-minute cancellations can be frustrating. To secure bookings and protect your income, offer a non-refundable option (with a slightly lower price) to encourage guest commitment.
Go to your hosting dashboard, click on "Listings," then select "Cancellation Policy." Turn on the "Non-refundable" option. This allows guests to pay 10% less, but you still get your payout even if they cancel later.
  • Embrace Instant Book: Guests often prefer the convenience of instant booking—set requirements to ensure only qualified guests can book instantly (positive reviews, clear communication). Add a pre-booking message to set expectations and learn more about potential guests.
Most guests prefer instant confirmation without host approval delays. However, once activated, you can't reject bookings. Customize settings to set guest requirements. Consider allowing only guests with positive Airbnb histories.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Start small! Test one strategy at a time, track the results, and adjust as you go. Remember, success is a journey, not a destination.

Bonus Tip: Filling Orphan Nights (This deserves its own post!)

Here's a quick tip for maximizing occupancy:

  • Open Your Doors to All: Welcome shorter stays to attract a wider audience.
  • Long-Stay Discounts: Entice guests with special deals for extended stays.
  • Last-Minute Magic: Cater to spontaneous travelers with flexible booking options.
  • Self Check-In Ease: Offer a smooth and contactless arrival experience.

Before we wrap up, I want to touch on a topic that's been on my mind lately. I've noticed many hosts turning to platforms like Facebook Marketplace or accepting direct bookings, and while it might seem like a tempting move, it comes with its fair share of risks. With Airbnb, there's the added layer of AirCover, providing a sense of security that can be hard to match elsewhere. Direct bookings, on the other hand, require stringent screening processes to mitigate potential issues.

It can be frustrating to see Airbnb seemingly favoring the cheapest listings in its search results, but that's the nature of markets—the lowest price often wins the booking. If you're feeling the squeeze like I am, I'd love to hear about the strategies you've tried. Let's share our ideas and tackle these challenges together.

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