Update: Airbnb Host Meetup, Coaching with Mia, and the Power of Community

Update: Airbnb Host Meetup, Coaching with Mia, and the Power of Community
I joined the first Cebu Airbnb host meet-up; it was fun and productive!

The January meetup for Airbnb hosts in Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue got rescheduled to February, coinciding with Chinese New Year. Despite the lower turnout, it became an unexpectedly fulfilling experience! I connected with Mia, the community leader for Airbnb Visayas and Mindanao Community. To my luck, she generously offered one-on-one coaching to optimize my listing.

While a bit nervous to reveal my 'Issa Suites' listing, my eagerness to learn outweighed any hesitations. Arriving early gave me invaluable time with Mia, whose experience since 2016 and managing a staggering 70 listings with her husband and staff speak volumes. Her insights were both inspiring and eye-opening, showing me ways to level up my hosting game.

We analyzed my listing, with Mia praising my 57 outstanding 5-star reviews. We identified key areas for improvement:

  • Space Details: Boost SEO by detailing the unit's amenities.
  • House Rules: Clearly specify penalties for violations.

She also celebrated my strengths.

  • Positive Reviews: Maintaining strong feedback—especially those 57 5-star reviews in just 8 months.
  • Inviting Description: Allowing guests to envision their stay.
  • Images are good. This compliment meant even more coming from someone with her photo expertise. She even shared contacts of photographers skilled in showcasing spaces authentically.

This personalized coaching with Mia revealed my Airbnb listing's true potential.

But the day held even more surprises.

Meeting other hosts highlighted the diverse paths within this space. One host shared how he went from a single unit to managing 13 through consistent quality and reputation! Wow. Now, he and his wife offer property consulting services. He even ventured into a luggage storage business, addressing common guest needs.

Another host, an engineer, prefers selectively curating his clientele, building relationships that result in both return guests and new business connections in his profession. These encounters were invaluable.

Four hours flew by as we exchanged cleaning tips, guest communication strategies, and so much more. The sense of community left me empowered, energized to elevate my guest experience, and eager for the next meetup!

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