Your 5-Star Guest Experience Starts with... the Shower?

No more shower struggles! Here are 3 host hacks for happy guests

Your 5-Star Guest Experience Starts with... the Shower?
The most common guest question I get at Issa Suites is about...drumroll, please...showers! From how to use them to weak water pressure.

Hey there, fellow hosts!

Let's talk shop about something unsexy yet crucial...maintenance

You know those panicked guest messages about showers? From the mysteries of operation to the dreaded trickle of water pressure, shower-related issues always seem to pop up!

Well, I'm here with some quick fixes to keep showers working their magic and guests feeling pampered:

Tip 1: Your House Guide = Your Guest's Best Friend

Think of your House Guide as a cheat sheet for your space! Include those essential shower instructions, such as which way to turn, pull, or push for the perfect temperature. This will save you from endless "how-to" questions and leave guests feeling confident and in control. 

Tip 2: Defeat the Water-Blocking Beast! 

Hard water (like in Cebu) means limescale buildup can choke your shower's power. Fight back! Check your showerhead often. White, chalky stuff? Clean it! Stubborn buildup? Soak overnight in vinegar for a limescale knockout. Bonus tip: Vinegar also busts buildup in kettles!

If you're in an area with hard water (like Cebu!), limescale buildup is your enemy.

Tip 3: Stop Mold Before It Starts

Nobody wants a moldy surprise. Keep your space healthy and guest-friendly with these simple tips:

  • Clean Regularly: Wipe down wet areas to prevent mold growth.
  • Stay Dry: Rugs in the bathroom and kitchen catch drips.
  • Air it Out: Open a window or use a fan for good ventilation.
Mold may not be on everyone's radar, but it's a big deal for sensitive guests. Keep your space fresh and mold-free.

That's a wrap!

These tips help you conquer common shower woes and create a smooth-sailing hosting experience. If you're new to hosting, consider this your secret arsenal for 5-star reviews!

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Happy hosting!

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