The Great Debate: Are One-Night Stays Worth It for Airbnb Hosts?

One question that frequently pops up is whether to allow one-night stays. This post dives into the pros and cons of offering short-term rentals, featuring valuable insights from experienced Airbnb hosts in the community.

The Great Debate: Are One-Night Stays Worth It for Airbnb Hosts?
Dive into the pros & cons of 1-night stays, featuring insights from experienced Airbnb hosts.

Imagine this: you wake up whenever you want, check your phone, and see a fresh Airbnb deposit hit your account. Then, you decide how to spend the rest of your day. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

That's the dream for aspiring Airbnb hosts. But there's a balancing act involved.

We've all seen those Airbnb listings with stunning photos and glowing reviews. Achieving that level of success takes some know-how. Seasoned hosts often swear by setting minimum night stays - a strategy that keeps their calendars full and allows them to maintain sparkling clean properties.

But what about one-night stays? They're a hot topic among Airbnb hosts. We all want to maximize occupancy rates and create a smooth guest experience for every visitor. But are these quick visits a good fit for your rental?

Let's explore the pros and cons of one-night stays, along with some tips from real Airbnb veterans in our community!

Benefits of One-Night Stays

  1. Higher Occupancy: Many hosts find that one-night stays easily fill vacancies. Road trip travelers often need a quick stop, arriving late and leaving early with minimal wear and tear. This can lead to consistent income, just like Janet, a host who saw bookings jump after switching to one-night minimums. 
  2. Reduced Wear and Tear: Shorter stays typically mean less usage of amenities and potentially less damage. Erika, another host, prefers one-night bookings because they require less cleaning and result in fewer issues. Guests are often just looking for a place to rest before moving on, making clean-up easier.
  3. Flexible for Guests:  One-night stays cater to a wide range of travelers. A Canadian superhost highlights that business travelers check in late and leave early, making them ideal guests. Similarly, a host in Portugal finds them perfect for guests attending weddings or concerts. Properties near highways or travel routes attract travelers seeking a convenient overnight stop, resulting in a consistent flow of guests with minimal service demands.
  4. Increased Revenue:  Hosts in Mactan Newtown appreciate the potential for higher revenue from frequent bookings, especially when one-night stays keep their listings ranking highly in search results (on Airbnb). Many new hosts, like me, find that these short stays contribute to a steady stream of income.
  5. Superhost Status:  One-night stays can help you quickly become a Superhost. Setting minimum stays between 1 and 5 nights can help you reach the 10-stay requirement within three months (a Superhost qualification). Being a Superhost offers perks like higher ranking and more bookings!

Not yet a superhost? Check out how you can fast track to Superhost Status.

The Flip Side: Challenges of One-Night Stays

  1. Cleaning Conundrum: Frequent cleaning between guests is a major hurdle with one-night stays. Many hosts find the constant turnover overwhelming, especially for larger properties or those with high guest occupancy. The cleaning fees alone can eat into profits, making it a burden that requires careful consideration.
  2. Party Crashers: One-night rentals can sometimes attract party-goers, leading to disruptions and potential property damage. This risk is even higher in locations known for nightlife or celebrations. For instance, I once had one-night guests who left a mess from a gathering. While my neighbors haven't complained yet, it highlights a potential concern.
  3. Cost Crunch: The cleaning and preparation costs associated with one-night stays can outweigh the benefits for some hosts. The high cleaning frequency might not be justified without additional fees to cover the extra work. This can be especially true for hosts who offer generous welcome amenities. For example, constantly refilling complimentary bottled water, coffee, or snacks can significantly increase your overhead costs.
  4. Space Squeeze: Larger properties or those that can accommodate more guests may find one-night rentals less profitable. The increased cleaning demands can make it less worthwhile. For example, the rental property where I used to book for relatives stopped offering one-night stays due to their larger space. To make it more manageable, they now require a minimum of two nights.
  5. Location Lottery: The success of one-night rentals heavily depends on location and the type of traveler it attracts. Party-prone areas might require minimum stays of three nights to avoid disruptive guests. Other hosts find a balance by allowing one-night stays on weekdays but requiring a two-night minimum on weekends when demand increases.
The good news is, there are strategies to make one-night stays work for you, regardless of location. Many hosts have discovered successful tactics to maximize the benefits of one-night stays while minimizing drawbacks.

Let's explore a few:

  • Mixed Minimum Stays: Analyze similar rentals in your area. Consider implementing mixed minimums, accepting one-night bookings during weekdays when turnover is easier to manage.  Enforce longer minimums on weekends when demand is higher and cleaning becomes more time-consuming.
  • Strategic Discounts:  Learn from experienced hosts who offer one-night stays at a discount during off-season periods. This can help maintain occupancy and incentivize longer bookings during peak seasons.
  • Target the Right Guests:  Identify your ideal guest. Hosts near business districts like Cebu Business Park or Oakridge Business Park can tailor their listings and minimum stay requirements to attract business travelers, who are typically low-maintenance and less likely to disrupt the peace.

The Takeaway

One-night stays are a potential win-win,  but with some homework. Maximize occupancy and income, but factor in extra cleaning and guest management. Mixed minimums, discounts, and targeting specific travelers can ease the burden.  

Ultimately, the decision is yours—it's your property, your call! 

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